How to Show Bid and Ask Price on MT4

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To show bid and ask price on MT4 you should go to Charts -> Properties -> Common tab and check the box next to Show Ask LineBid line is automatically shown on the chart.

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Bid and Ask lines are important for trading because they show you the spread and you should have them on the chart.

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You can activate both lines easily in the MT4 settings. And if you do not activate both lines you will have only the Bid line that is automatically activated on the chart.

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How do You Show Bid and Ask Price on MT4

There are two ways you can show the Ask price on the Chart. Bid line is always on the chart and you cannot remove it unless you change the color.

First way is to go to the Charts menu and then select Properties.

The chart menu is in the top left part of the MT4 platform where other menus are.

MT4 Charts Settings

Second way is to go to the chart and click the right mouse button. Then in the list select the Properties.

This way you will open a new window where the chart settings are.

MT4 Charts Settings on the chart

Then in the new window you have two tabs:

  • Colors – used for changing the colors of specific part on the chart
  • Common – contains a list of additional settings you can change

In the Colors tab you can change the color of the:

  • candles
  • background
  • grid
  • Ask Line

So, here you need to select which color you want to have for the Ask line after you activate the Ask line.

MT4 Charts Properties - Colors tab

To activate Ask line go to the Common tab and on the right side check the box next to Show Ask line.

When you click on the checkbox and OK button you will see the Ask line on the chart when you move back to Colors tab.

MT4 Charts Properties - Common tab

Also, when you close the Properties window you will see the Ask line on the chart.

But, pay attention to move to smaller time frame, like M5 to see the Ask line. If  you stay on the daily chart you will not see the Ask line if the spread is too narrow like on EURUSD where spread is less than pip with some brokers.

Ask Line Activated

MT4 Bid Line Color

The bid line on the chart is always activated and there is no checkbox you can use to deactivate the Bid line.

But, it can happen that you lose the Bid line on the chart. And that will happen if you change the color of the grid.

If you have white background and you change the color of the grid to white you will not see the grid on the chart.

But, the Bid line color is connected to the grid color. So, when you change the Grid color you will change Bid line color.

Bid Line invisible comparison

Here you can see what happens if you have white background and change the Grid color to white. The grid will not be visible, but also the Bid line will not be visible.

The white Bid line is not visible on the white background so pay attention to this. Because many traders do not know about this Grid/Bid line connection and then cannot find the Bid line on the chart.

Use a Bid line with black or grey color on the white background so it is visible.

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How to Show Bid and Ask Price on MT4 on Mobile

To show Bid and Ask line on the MT4 mobile is similar to the MT4 PC version.

The Bid line on the MT4 mobile is visible already and to show the Ask line you need to change the settings.

Go to the main menu on the MT4 mobile and select Settings.

MT4 mobile settings

Then go down to Charts settings and you will see the Ask price line checkbox.

Click on it and click the Done button below to accept changes.

MT4 mobile Ask line checkbox

Now you can go to the chart and you will see the Ask line next to the Bid line.

MT4 mobile Ask line on the chart

If you do not see Ask line then there can be two possible reasons:

  • Ask line is white colored on the white background
  • Spread = 0 – > Bid line is equal to Ask line

Pay attention when enabling the Ask line that has color different from the background.

And pay attention that you are checking the chart for the symbol that has spread higher than 0.


Show Bid and Ask price on the MT4 is simple by activating the Ask price line in the chart settings under the Common tab.

Bid and Ask price line are great indications where the price is and what is the spread currently for certain currency pairs.

If you would like to learn more about MT4 then you can continue reading tutorials where you can find more useful articles.

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