EBook – Step by Step guide to get started with trading

Where and How to Start Forex Trading

In this E-book you will be guided step by step

E-book Topics

Forex basics 2

Forex Basics

Forex broker regulation agency


Forex trading platform

Trading platform

Forex account

Trading Account

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Trading Examples

What Does Leverage Mean in Forex_cover image

Forex Jargon

I have started with trading without a clue what to look for and it was a hard time to find the right steps to get started with trading.

I did not know what to type in Google to give me right answer. Somehow I have managed to download Metatrader 4 trading platform.

When I have open Metatrader 4 for the first time I have seen tick chart ticking in front of me.

I just looked at it and I did not know what to do. I started to click all around and I did not understand what I am doing.

If you are at the same stage and you do not know where to start, how to start, what to do, then you are at the right place.

This E-book will help you to guide you step by step to Forex trading.

What You Will Learn

What Are Forex Basics

  • what should I do on Forex
  • how should I make money
  • what means BUY or SELL
  • what is trading generally
  • where to start
  • what to read first to understand how trading works
Forex basics 2

What is Forex Broker

  • how should I find a broker
  • why do I need a broker
  • what is a broker
  • what he does to me in Forex

Trading platform

  • what is trading platform and which one to select
  • how to get around on the trading platform
  • where to look first when I open trading platform
  • which tools do I need and which one I do not need
  • how to setup trading platform

Trading Account

  • how to open trading account
  • which account exist
  • what is difference between demo and live account
  • do I need broker for the trading account
  • how do I log in into the trading account in MT4
  • how do I close trading account in MT4

Forex Jargon

  • what is leverage
  • what is margin
  • what is free margin
  • how does the margin works
  • what is lot
  • what is equity
What Does Leverage Mean in Forex_cover image

Trading Examples

  • put in the practice what was shown in earlier sections
  • how the whole process looks like on the live trading examples
Support and resistance

Why Should You Take This E-book

What to expect?

Examples on the real trades taken. With examples you will see how everything works when you start trading.

You will know:

  • what means BUY and SELL
  • how to open an order
  • what are the steps to start trading

You will know:

  • what to look for when you open trading platform
  • how to use the charts

You will know:

  • what to do to prepare analysis of the market and how to open a trade
  • how to manage loss and take profit levels

Frano Grgić

Forex Trader and Mentor

With over 10 years in trading, in the online course he shows how to get started with Forex trading. One of the best teachers because of simple language which helps beginners easily understand heavy words in Forex.

His market analysis have been featured on Forex Factory and TalkMarkets

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