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by Apr 17, 2020

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When you register as a contributor on the TalkMarkets website you will have a chance to earn equity points whenever you write an article. 

So, what are TalkMarkets equity points, how do you earn them and what you can do with them I will explain further in this post.

If you did not read about TalkMarkets you can read here more information about TalkMarkets website.

What are TalkMarkets Equity Points

TalkMarkets has taken 10% of the total company value and are giving this to their Founding Contributors. Contributors are ones that earn equity points in various ways.

The real value comes from helping us grow – referring other authors, helping to drive traffic, providing unique content, etc.

Equity points can be traded in for actual shares at the time of a liquidity event. Then TalkMarkets will add up all the points issued and whatever percentage of the total points belongs to you, will be your percentage of this equity pool.

The value in exchange for equity points will be determined by our exit.  If our company sells for $500 million, obviously the equity would be worth far more than if it sells for $5 million.

How to Be Top Contributor and Earn a lot of Equity Points

Top contributors are those that give a lot of exclusive content and those who referrer other contributors to TalkMarkets.

Exclusive content is the article you wrote specificaly for TalkMarkets which they publish it on the home page. TalkMarkets is the owner of the article and you cannot sindicate is somewhere else without consulting them first.

By referring someone you earn 10% on any equity they earn going forward, as a bonus. Contributor you referrer get 250 equity points if he registers in 30 days from the time visiting TalkMarkets over your link.

Here is the list of all possible ways you can earn equity points. For the best success I suggest you do as much steps as you can so you get many equity points.

How to Earn talMarkets Equity Points

There are ways of earning equity points that give you fixed amount of TalkMarkets equity points and there are way how you can constantly earn TalkMarkets equity points.

At the start it is the best to earn those that have fixed amount because when you earn them you cannot earn them in the same way.

Afte that you should focus to earn those that you can repeat all the time.

TalkMarkets Equity Points – Fix Amount

Referring Others

  • 500 points – When some registers on the TalkMarkets you get fixed amount of equity points
  • 250 points – If your referee apply to become a contributor within 30 days of receiving your invitation he get this amount of equity points

Driving Traffic

  • 15 000 – If you install headline widget on your site you
  • 10 000 – If you install contributor badge on your site


  • 100 – When you create TakMarkets profile
  • 25 000 – When you write article about TalkMarkets
  • 10 000 – When you mention TalkMarkets in media mentions or public appearance
  • 5 000 – If you connect to social media sites
  • 5 000 – If you allow sharing your headlines on TalkMarkets from social media

TalkMarkets Equity Points – Variable Amount

By variable amount I mean that you can earn equity points continuosly and not only once. That means if you continue doing same thing that gives you equity points you will continue receivng them.

Referring Others

  • 10%10% bonus on all the future equity earned by those you have referred

Driving Traffic

  • 15 – points for every clickthrough your headline widget on your site
  • 15 – points for every clickthrough your contributors badge widget on your site
  • 15 – Any post you share directly from TalkMarkets by using sharing buttons
  • 15 – for each clickthrough the link extension for posts


  • 15 – Receive Thumbs up on comments
  • 15 – Receive Like on activity feed

Submitting Content

  • 1 point/pageview – Non Exclusive content 
  • 10 point/pageview – Exclusive content 

The Best Way to Earn Equity

As you can see the best way is at the start do the points that gives you fixed amount of TalkMarkets equity points.

You can earn up to 90 000 equity points just doing few small steps. It is really good start before you start submitting content.

After that the best way is to share your link and tell your blogger friends to join and start submitting content and get wider audience and earn equity points.

The long term making equity points is in the exclusive content that will give you the highest amount of points. Whenever you write exclusive content you will reach large number of audience and you will earn 10 points/pageview.

TalkMarkets have thousand of visitors per day so you can imagine how much exposure you will get by publishing content and how much points you will earn. 

Here is small screenshot of the report you will have when you start earning TalkMarkets equity. There are only few steps already finished but the high amount of points are to be earned with further steps.


There are few sites that give something in return for wirting content that is exclusive for them. This is only company I have seen that gives shares of the company in some way. TalkMarkets do that through equity points whic you earn through your your contributions.

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