Forex Trading for Beginners

Set the right foundation for trading by learning about Forex from the begining

What is Forex

This trading guide is the first part of your journey to start trading on the Forex market.

Here you will learn what is:

  • Forex meaning
  • Forex market structure
  • Forex industry

It is important to know all about Forex so you know what is done on the Forex and what is expected from you to make money trading on the Forex.

Forex Meaning

Do you know what Forex means? Do you know that Forex is a mix of two different words?

Forex Market

If you ask yourself why market then you need to know that on the Forex you sell and buy currencies

Forex Market Structure

In Forex you trade and exchange currencies.Do you know who participates in Forex?

Do you know that you as a small individual participate on the Forex with large banks like FED and ECB?

Forex Industry


yea, it is industry because money is made by giving services and not only trading or exchanging.

Which services are provided on the Forex? Read more and find out.

Forex Spot, Futures and Option Market

Forex, Options or Futures?

Do you know where the difference is? If not, then read this article and you will see why Forex is better to trade on

Forex Exchange Market – Trading Session Open Hours

Now it is time to read more about Forex trading.

When you decide to trade on the Forex market you will have times when the market is open for trading and when it is closed. Read more when you can make money and when it is time for resting.

Learn How to Trade

Learn Forex Trading – Be Better Trader

Here is a short introduction what to learn about how to trade on the Forex

25 Best Forex Trading Books - Expert Advice for Success

Check these books and learn from the experts. You will see what are important things in trading to be more successful

The Best Forex Trading Course for Beginners

If you want to use trading course at the start of trading journey then read this article which will help you find the best trading course

Forex Trading Guides

Main Trading Guide

1. Forex Trading for Beginners
4. Forex Trading Basics

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