Forex Trading Basics

In the third section of the beginners tutorial you will learn about Forex trading basics

Basic trading terms explain all details you need to know to open a trade and trade currency pairs.

In this Forex guide you will learn about the Pip, spread, leverage, margin which are crucial parts to understand trading Forex.

Then you will learn about order types so you know which order to open at which time. And first of all you need to learn how to open a trade generally in a trading platform.

Forex Basics

This is a small guide that will help you understand the most important trading basics. Follow the article and you will have what is needed

What Does Spread Mean in Forex

There is a cost for trading on the Forex and that is your broker earning. Small cost you pay for trading is spread

What is a Pip in Forex

Small price change that gives you money if you predict the correct direction is called a Pip.

Learn more how the Pip is calculated in trading

What is Pip Range in Forex

There is a daily pip range which each currency pair can have. Pip range is useful information in determining stop loss

Forex Average Daily Range in Pips

What is the average pip range? How to calculate average pip range on a pair?

What is 20 Pips in Forex

20, 50, 100 pips in Forex?

Check this article and learn what is 20 pips

What Does Leverage Mean in Forex

Leverage meaning for you as a trader is how much risk you want to bring into each trade you open

Best Leverage in Forex Trading

Video – Leverage term for a beginner is a strange word.

Which leverage is the best?

What is Lot Size

Lot size will define how much each Pip will be worth.

You can set one pip to be worth $10 or even $100

What is 1.00 in Forex

In this article you will see what is 1.00 in Forex and are there other values like 1.00

What is Margin in Forex

In this article you will learn all about Margin. You will see why the broker use some of your money and put aside

What is Free Margin in Forex

Free margin is a money you have left for other trades after the margin is reserved and the trade is open

What is a Margin Call in Forex

Margin call is something you do not want to experience. If you do then it means you have lost a lot of money

Trading Volatility

What is Volatility in Forex Market

Volatility is one of the major characteristics of the Forex market.

Learn more why is that good and always welcome in trading

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