Technical Analysis

Technical analysis consist of technical tools you use to determine the market direction

Those tools are charts, support and resistance lines, indicators, trendlines, chart patterns and so on.

This trading guide will reveal all that you need to know how to analyze the market with technical tools.

Support and Resistance

What are Support and Resistance Levels in Forex

One of the most important things in technical analysis is support and resistance. Learn what they are so you can move further

How To Draw Support and Resistance Trading Line

Now you need to know how to draw a support and resistance line. It is not easy to draw them properly so you get good technical analysis of the pair. Check here how I draw support and resistance lines

Trend Lines

What is a Trend Line in Forex

Trend lines are the second important thing in technical analysis so pay attention to them and learn what you can about trend lines.

How To Perfectly Draw Trend Line in Forex Trading

This is important.

If you do not draw trend lines correctly you will not get good results in your technical analysis. Drawing trend lines properly you will have good support and resistance levels

Forex Trading Guides

Main Trading Guide

1. Technical Analysis
2. Forex Trading Indicators

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